SUNFOCUS Hybrid Solar Electric Oven


SunFocus® ovens offer superior cooking performance, high-quality workmanship, and one of the largest cooking capacities of any other solar oven on the market today… made in the U.S.A.

SunFocus® oven is the outdoor cooking alternative!

  • Roasts: Beef – Pork – Chicken
  • Breads – Cakes – Cookies – Pies
  • Everything from Gourmet to your own Home-style cook’n

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SunFocus® Hybrid Solar Electric Oven

America’s “BIGGEST” capacity hybrid since 2010

Highest Quality – Reliable – Convenient – Easy to Use

  • Keep your electric bills lower and your home cooler… Use the SunFocus as your “all season kitchen” oven.
  • Uses more environmentally friendly solar and electric energy vs. burning “traditional” fuels like wood, propane, or even charcoal.
  • Bakes the widest variety of foods from cakes, pies, cookies to chicken, roasts, and loaves of bread.
  • No real effort on your part… as easy as opening up a suitcase.

Superior Design:

    • Wind resistant design
    • Rugged outer case shell made of “Kydex” HPDE plastic
    • External dimensions 22 x 22 x 12 in.
    • Internal dimension depth: Cooking chamber depth 6 3/4 inches
    • Tempered double-paned glass for best heat retention efficiency
    • Multi-material thermal heat resistant layers
    • Two independent internal pre-set thermostats
    • Specially designed thermal heating pad 465 watts / 120v. AC
    • Curved focusing lid
    • Built-in circuit fuse
    • Multi-function high / low power switch
    • Power-on illumination indicator light
    • High-quality American made anodized aluminum reflectors
    • Aluminum alloy cooking chamber pan.
    • Portable and balanced handle for easier handling wt. 32lbs

Solar Oven - Solar Electric Oven

Additional information

Weight32 lbs
Dimensions25 × 24 × 12 in


Satisfaction Guarantee

Every Hybrid Oven comes with:

  • 30-Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
  • 1-Year Total Workmanship Warranty per our Terms & Conditions
  • 5-Year “No Worry” Case Guarantee*

How does the “No Worry” Case Guarantee work?  For any case-related reason simply return your Hybrid Oven back to us freight prepaid.  We will then:

  • Replace your Hybrid Oven’s unwanted old case with a brand new case
  • Reassemble the oven
  • Clean and Spruce it up
  • Test it
  • Ship your Hybrid Oven back to you via UPS Ground at No Cost to you!

Simple, Fair, & Honest: “You bring it to us – we give it back looking like new”


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