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Thank you for considering a Sun BD Corporation product. We try to ship within 5 business days*. We’ll provide a UPS Tracking Number by e-mail when your order ships.

All of our Hybrid Solar Oven’s come with:

  • 30-Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
  • 1-Year Total Workmanship Warranty per our Terms & Conditions

Extra: Every Ugli Hybrid Solar Oven comes with our:
5-Year “No Worry” Case Guarantee*

How does our 5-year “No Worry” Case Guarantee work?  For any Ugli Hybrid Solar Oven case-related reason simply return your Ugli Hybrid back to us freight prepaid.  We will then:

  • Replace your Ugli Hybrid Solar Oven’s unwanted old exterior case with a brand new case
  • Reassemble the oven
  • Clean and Spruce it up
  • Test it
  • Ship your Ugli Hybrid Solar Oven back to you via UPS Ground!

Simple, Fair, & Honest: “You bring it to us used – we’ll give it back looking like new”