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International Recognition

The 6th SCI World Conference 2017 was held 16-18 January 2017 at the Muni Seva Ashram in Goraj, Vadodara, Gujarat, India. During the conference, over 200 participants from 30 countries presented and attended 58 presentations on eight different topics. The gathering broke new ground as it advanced solar cooking globally through new connections, information-sharing, and feedback on new projects in the solar cooking community.

The conference included:
◾200 participants
◾30 countries
◾58 presentations
◾5 plenary and keynote speakers
◾3 new international solar cooker gatherings announced
◾2 new working groups
◾1 universal pledge

At the Sun BD Corporation we always knew our SunFocus solar electric oven was a great solar oven.  Now it has been internationally confirmed.

On Jan. 17th, 2017, at the Muni Seva Ashram showing in Vadodara, India, Solar Cookers International science director, Alan Bigelow, and international solar expert, Deepak Gahdia, witness the solar cooking performance testing between our own SunFocus and a Parvati Parabola.

The SunFocus performance test results were even better than expected.

FYI – Our SunFocus Won!

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