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Virgin Islands

 Attached are a few photos of both solar ovens featured at previous Agricultural Fair events on St. Croix and St. Thomas.  In the morning, we brew fresh lemongrass tea (which is grown in my front yard) in my glass kettle.  We also start cooking the food early, so that it could be ready to serve by lunchtime.  This display is one of our biggest draws, and with the challenges of hurricane recovery, I believe more folks will be interested in purchasing one.  In fact, I am pleased to see the UGLI™ is promoted as an affordable option. M.B. – US Virgin Islands



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I finally came back from the Philippines. I checked in the Sun BD solar oven on the plane and brought it to my family all the way to Guiuan Eastern Samar. There was no running water and no electricity, but my entire family was alive and well.

My family was able to use the oven easily. They have been baking on a daily basis. This oven was a remarkable invention!

We love it! I think every household in the Philippines should have one! I just want to say thank you very much!
I have included photos of the Sun BD solar oven.

Christina S.