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The Best HYBRID Solar Ovens Made In America... We have been pleasing our customers since 2010!

The Sun BD Corporation’s hybrid ovens heat up faster, bake, steam, and boil with ease.

As a PLUS and your peace of mind, we’ve been 3rd party performance approved and tested by Solar Cookers Int’l and used by solar chefs around the World.

Our top-of-the-line SunFocus hybrid and our Premium Economy Ugli hybrid ovens will help you achieve a superior outdoor “FIRELESS” oven baking experience that you deserve time and time.

Bake Roasts, Chicken, Pork, even Cakes, Pizza Pies, and more…

Our Hybrid Solar Ovens Bake, Roast, Steam, Boil, and More.

Pick your Power Source:  Solar, 115v AC, home 12v battery AC inverter system, or any home generator system greater than 500 watts.

Hybrid solar oven

Let Us Change The Way You Think About Outdoor Cooking