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It's Big! SUNFOCUS SOLAR ELECTRIC OVEN... HOLIDAY MARKED DOWN SALE thru December 12th!! Faster Cooking - Better Results!

America's #1 Hybrid Solar Electric "BIG" box style oven!

Huge cooking chamber. Cook enough food for your whole family… (Morning, Lunch, and Dinner)

Use it Outdoors or In / Clouds will not DEFEAT you with the built-in 120V AC electric oven.

PROUDLY… MADE in the USA since 2010

Quantities Limited…ORDER your SunFocus hybrid or Ugli hybrid oven today! FREE SHIPPING in USA (Hawaii, Alaska, P.R. excluded) Don’t delay… 

The Best HYBRID Solar Oven's Made In America... We have been pleasing our customers since 2010!

The Sun BD Corporation's combination solar electric oven's heat up faster, bake, steam, and boil with ease. Offering you best value for your money.

You want proven solar cooking power: Certified world-class performance by Solar Cookers International Organization

When there’s fire danger alerts posted: “FIRELESS” solar oven baking is the way to go.  Try our top-of-the-line “fireless” SunFocus hybrid solar oven or our Economy Ugli hybrid solar oven.”

Solar Oven - Solar Electric Oven
Bake Roasts, Chicken, Pork, even Cakes, Pizza Pies, and more…

Our Hybrid Solar Ovens Bake, Roast, Steam, Boil, and More.

Pick your Power Source:  Solar, 115v AC, home 12v battery AC inverter system, or any home generator system greater than 500 watts.

Hybrid solar oven

Let Us Change The Way You Think About Outdoor Cooking