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The Best HYBRID Solar Ovens Made In America Since 2010!

Our HYBRID solar ovens are the perfect option for those who do not wish to use gas or charcoal fuel or just the Sun alone.

The Sun BD Corporation’s solar oven hybrids heat up faster, 100% reliable and have been performance tested by Solar Cookers International and by solar chefs around the World. Finally you can forget about empty propane tanks, wet charcoal or too many clouds.

Traditional gas and charcoal burning methods work but at what cost to the environment? And what is said about just solar (only) cooking is true… No Sun, No Fun, Cold food until now!

Our top of the line SunFocus hybrid and our premium economy Ugli hybrid ovens will help you achieve the superior outdoor “fireless” oven baking experience that you deserve time and time again in almost all dry weather conditions. Bake Roasts, Baked Chicken, Pork loins and even Cakes and Pies with ease, reliability and convenience in our American made solar oven hybrid’s.

Our Hybrid Solar Ovens Bake, Roast, Steam, Boil, and More.

Cooks with the sun, 110V AC, 12V battery inverter system or any home generator system greater than 500 watts.

Hybrid solar oven

Let Us Change The Way You Think About Outdoor Cooking